As I layed down to rest,
little did I know of the coming test.
Settled in Love and Peace,
suddenly attacked by three of the beast.
The first was fear,
I could feel him come near.
Showing the things that made me most afraid,
without hesitation I pulled out my mental blade.
No longer afraid it only took one stroke,
my third eye could tell his confidence was broke.
In amazement and pain he ran away,
but I'm sure I'll see him another day.
The next beast was bigger called himself guilt,
he rolls with a crew trying to tear down all I've built.
I fiddled with my sword just a little tease,
he didn't do his homework I was at peace and ease.
It was in their eyes they were no threat,
they walked away fruitless and upset.
I'd come to grips with the choice's I've made,
still at peace there I layed.
Again my third eye sounds the alarm,
it was Ego and he meant to do harm.
I put away the blade and stuck out my hand,
the power was too great he had to disband.
Settled in Love and Peace,
victorious against the beast.

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