Ameliorate Exigency

So many times when I got to know,
There’s a way in life, that we could show,
Reality of compassion very hard,
Truth never accompanies, mature lad.

Empowering toughness, nature cored,
Lively thinking, thinning enclosed,
Covers seen, intention hidden,
All good things, with ease forbidden.

Minds backing, possessive knives,
Souls threatening, innocent vibes,
Loyal is never the royal kind,
Salute can honor only non-egoist minds.

Why superior deeds are killed,
Devastating dreams, ensurely willed,
Inferior thoughts, take the biggest leads,
Complexity stops many beats.

Forced things, beautiful conquer,
Necessary ones, dreadful bankrupt,
Peace for the day no one exists,
Live for the cage which everyone persists.

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