Amen to That

My mother was a saint, I believe
I believe my mother was a saint
Everyone says that about their mother
Truth be told --- some is, some ain't
The proof is in the sum of how a person lived their life
Were you only trying to get,
or were you always trying to give
What amends did you make, at what sacrifice
What sins did you give up to purify your soul
What sins did you hold on to and wouldn't let go,
rotting your soul like cankered gold
How did you speak everyday
Was it holy and chaste
Did your speech change on every trip you took
How often did you pray
Was it only when trouble was afoot
and you thought your goose was being cooked
So when God takes out the Book of Life
and examine all your personal acts
Will He say: Depart from me, ye worker of iniquity
Or will He say: Well done, my faithful servant,
there is no obedient deed that you lack
It it's the latter, then all the saints gathered 'round
will shout and bow down:
And with one voice say Amen to that

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