The country of the free
The country of opportunity
Where we supposedly have everything we need
Where supposedly success is gained easily
Yet, this is all a logical fallacy
We are supposed to be respected
But face rejection
We are supposed to be happy
But all I see is crying
I see poor people on the streets not knowing about their next meal
I see people begging just for a lousy penny
A country that is so-called land of the free
A country of so-called opportunity
Has people crying and dying yet there is no unity
Has even the land crying for those who are dying
For those who don't have a chance
For those who are being silenced by a sound of a bang
For those who are ridiculed just for being a certain skin color
But in America these things aren't happening, so they say
They won't believe it, they'll just ignore it
Until the next victim is taken just because of a white lie.

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