I live in a place called America. The land of the free and home of the brave. But what I see is homeless people on the streets and what we do is ignore them and Turn the Page. In America I see the rich pray on the weak. And children not eating for weeks. In America I see people killing each other for what they don't have. Some days you don't know if your going to get shot or stabbed. In America republicans and democrats are so ruthless. That they forgot about the constitution. In America I see hard working people struggle trying to pay all of there bills. And try to figure out which friends are real. In America we always have to fight to achieve our dreams. Sometimes we forget about martin luther king. In America I see banks charge you to hold your money and defective cars they want protect you even if you was a crash dummy. In America I see we have taken prayer out of our schools. And kids getting guns thinking they got something to prove. In America I see police killing kids. But they make it look like it was something bad that the kids did. In America if you are poor they will just call it middle class. They give you food stamps but we all know that it want last. In America I will never forget how they made rosa parks move to the back of the bus. But this is America but on our money it says in god we trust.

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