This is America only home to some and their own aren’t free! This is America where you must have job experience to get your first job boy where’s the American dream? This America isn’t even theirs they stole it but we the rest are criminals! We the people doesn’t include minorities because we are still only the three fifths of a person. This is America home to many braves and people willing to risk their lives for the dream that has become a nightmare. This is America where it’s okay to steal cultures but hate the people of that culture. Where’s my America the one that says I’m free? While majority of the jails are filled with people that look like me and run by those original thieves. Where’s Mexico’s America? The part that was stolen from them the part that was taken and headed off by some physical boarder. Where’s Native America? The one that was here in the first place the one who should decide who leaves and who stays. Where’s that America that promised we can move up the chain? The America that says I have the same opportunities as any other person. Where’s THE America? The one that helps their own, not beat them down and steal their homes! Where did America go? All I can see is a burning ground filled with so many lost and hurt souls due to the amount of Toxicity fed to them by the thieves in charge. That is the only America I see. This is my America and soon this America could be me.

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