They say American used to be great
and not filled with all this hate.
Now it's brining over with mudslinging politics
and hateful mobs of people throwing bricks.
Great and wonderful were the fifties
and of course the sixties.
Wish we could time travel back
to view ourselves lying in a haystack
peacefully gazing at clouds in a beautiful sky
without this violence and discord that makes us cry
about the horrible situation America is in
and regretting what could have been.
America can attain
and proudly reign
without all this pain
as the proudest greatest nation
if united as one against all this frustration
and sensation..
If we plan to pass through Heaven's gate
we must do away with all this hate
Love and peace is the place to start.
Only with a kind loving heart
can we do away with all the hate
before it's too late!

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