Looks like nothing is going to change,
looks like everything is going to remain the same,
oh God, I pray that you would make a change in this world that we live in,
look at the killings that’s going on around us,
look at all of your people going insane,
we got to get ourselves together before we lose our brains,
father in heaven, help me to find a peace of mind,
I have looked here and there trying, trying to find a peace of mind,
there is a lot of blood pouring in the streets of the city,
people are killing each other like they have no sense of mind,
we are lost trying to find our way out of the darkness,
we are lost in the wilderness,
there is no peace nowhere,
we are trying to find a way to the light,
guide me oh Lord, help me find myself,
for I am lost, I don’t know who I am,
I have been up and I’ve been down and I have been knocked to the ground,
I have been flying, flying so high until I can touch the sky,
to fly away from all this madness around me,
look at me, ask me do I love myself,
how can I love myself and I don’t even love thy neighbor?

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