America, Home of the free?

How can you celebrate your home when your home security system was programmed to dehumanize the same dirt and flesh that was used to make you?
How can you pop firecrackers when the crackers you feed to the homeless are filled with poison to keep them from exploding into millions of pieces of Hope to light up this disgusting nation we call free?
How can you raise your flag knowing that the red represents the blood that dripped from my ancestors hands as they picked cotton...white as the masters who beat them with whips... black as the nights my great ancestors would scream as their masters forced their manhood in between the legs that once shook from the pleasure of her lover as he released the liquids of his past to water the roots for our future...just to conceive a winning race of man that cannot be beaten. Beaten down to just a statistic that our government uses to hide the truth that can set us free from the hate and oppression that still runs warm through the veins of a system that broke my people into pleading guilty for something that justice could not justify.
So how can you tell me that I am free when you, yourself, is a character in a video game, being controlled and forced to make money for someone who cares more about the level you’re on, than the lives you have left...So tell me, is America really home of the free?

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