America, Land That I Love

Owed to thy is an answer
hear me out for my cause
lend me thine focus
unclench thine arm of veins.
owed to thy is an explanation,
for you are a loyal man.
Control your wrath from flourish
begin to fathom my reasoning
for you are a loyal man.
Come I to lend you some wisdom.
She was famous for freedom
she was by all desired for
thine country, a golden glory,
for you were loyal men.
Soon thine votee arose
I come not to bring of his descent,
but owed to thy is a reason.
Floors crumbled as the office was entered by he
He had power with which to influence,
He was a strong man.
Boats sank. fired missles. brink of war.
He was a strong man.
Many rejected, broken, or killed
He slew them, but most of all he slew she
Thus, she died. Thine country thine home,
in the blood stained hands of he who slew her
He who you chose.
He was a strong man you say?

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