America Needs Jesus

Drugs on the street
Crime being committed
Another hopeless mother on her way to get an abortion
Aids is spreading
Cancer is highly rising
Families dividing with no emotion
Homosexuality is becoming right
A marriage between a man and a woman just isn't right
Its okay to drink and drive
Abuse whoever you please
Take God out of are schools
Worship Satan and do as we please
We call ourselves Americans
We sure can put up an endless fight
But is this really standing for what is right?
When will we stand against what other people say
Show are families and America
Jesus is the only way
For without Jesus America will never be truly free
Bickering and fighting will always be what we know as free
Where are you, Americans?
Let's face the facts-
America needs Jesus
For without Jesus America will never be free
There will always be Satan blinding are eyes so we don't see
America needs Jesus

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