America The Beautiful

By Da Poet   

Going about our business to busy to notice,
the homeless sleeping in the alley, but no one told us.
Never the saw the mother searching for scraps in a dumpster,
trying to feed her children, she sought assistance,
but denied by a system that’s become a monster.

The haves got it, and hunger for much more,
forget about the have nots, everywhere they turn a closed door.
Used to be my brothers keeper, perhaps that’s played out,
just go about my business making more money without a doubt?

Makes me wonder if we ever had a core,
goodwill, morals, or core values which are dwindling by the score?
It’s a dog eat dog world every man and woman for themselves,
so long as I got mine, I could care less about everyone else.

We used to give people rides, we used to lend a hand,
we used to give a damn about our fellowman.
Was I dreaming, was it all a myth,
we used to walked the streets at night,
where police were our protectors, now all they want to do is fight?

The land of opportunity, however, opportunity is wearing thin,
got no home, no job, no food, can't pay my bills, where do I begin?
America the beautiful I see it clearly now,
the land of opportunity for only the rich cash cow.


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