America the Great

America the great that's what they say
Land of the free and the home of the brave
Millions try to get into our country
Yet we push them out and look at them dumbly
The slogan of our President "Make America Great Again"
Yet I can't envision it if that's the man we look to for a plan
College the goal that every student have
Yet what do we do for the middle class
Too rich to get any aid
Yet too broke to be released from all the bills that need to be paid
What do we do when we're stuck in the middle?
And America turns a blind eye to the hard riddle
How can we be great when we all can't succeed?
If we all can't grow and we stay a seed
The ones who come to try and be more than average
Yet end up in the streets and are forced to scavenge
For any amount of success we can find
Even though up ahead someone will always be behind
Now don't get me wrong we have surpassed some struggles
But don't get me right we still have many troubles
Solutions are here we just have to think
Think about the children in need
The ones who cry and stomach murmurs as they live on the streets
We have to think about the adults who can't go to college
And works way too early without any further knowledge
The middle class yes let's start with that
Do I think America is great as is?
Well...I'll get back to you on that.

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