American Aquarium Drinker

Halfway around the world she, and I
Here under the moon lit, pale, blue stars
Waiting, with a heart full of merry go rounds,
Singing rondeaus that I hope are caught by the wind
That take
take them all away,
Like cherry blossoms on anime eyes,
Shower her with my heart's delight.

Pity me I can only write you poetry,
I'd write you a song but someone stole my guitar.
Never-mind that, I didn't know how to play the guitar,
Anyway. That's what they all say-
I'll write you a poem,
I'll write you a song,
And they never do
Their words are mosaic,
So pretty yet cracked
Not solid at all.

You deserve more, my button nosed beauty.
But I can't write a poem.
Not just yet.
So I write for strangers on the internet.

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