American Greed Dreams

American Greed Dreams
Consume, Resume, Buy then Die?
Poisonous products, the FDA Lies,
Heirloom or Hybrid or genetically modified,
Hormones, synthetic or full of pesticide,
Organic is healthy but pricey, why?
Fast food and food chains, dangerous like Raid,
Cheap and affordable, artificial like Kool-Aid
Sugar, Water, Red #5, Man made,
Simulated like aspartame,
The projects, the ghettos, can’t escape,
Human experiments, like lab mice and apes,
99 cents and crown fried, vs $5.99 grapes,
Trapped and confined in society’s scrapes,
Food for goats, the government smiles, the citizen’s gape,
The nation, the country, the city, the state,
Where are the farms? The country continues to reshapes,
Construction buildings and stadiums, the rich intake,
Cost of living for a box with windows like made from scotch tape,
Going Organic and going broke
Or eating unhealthy and seeking a stroke,
Everything is increasing except my check,
It is difficult to eat and pay rent,
Where have we gone? Where are we going?
The green plague, the greed is growing,
Wolves in sheep clothing, but their teeth are showing,
As they harm the next generation, there will be nothing left to be stowing.

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