American Lie

You preach acceptance yet you're fueling the flame
When you teach a little girl to feel shame.
She's drowning in an abyss,
because her birthplace isn't the same.

There's hate in your face,
as you spit out that derogatory word.
All because of her race
her own identity becomes blurred.

How can she love what she is, when the world hates it so.
Forcing her to hide behind a lie,
fabricating a life--succumbing so low.
This facade she must uphold till the day that she may die.

But the mirror shows the horrid truth,
despite her attempts to hide what's inside.
She hates her own skin despite her youth
because in it it's clear that she has lied.

In a cruel twist of fate,
a little girl hates everything that makes her her.
Your sermons of hate
have made this occur.

How can you advocate acceptance?
When a little girl's identity is being torn
Thinking that she must give penance
for the place she was born.

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