American Me


Some see me
far away and say
Look! it's an Eagle!

Some see me
up close and say
Look!..What a Majestic

Some see me perched
Standing tall and strong.

What they do not see
for they forget
Is a flight of honor
For the American VET.

Far away ...I'm the
watchful eye.
When I'm Up close
I'll show you why.

When I screech
I'm telling you
I am America!
Red,White,and Blue.

I am Freedom
when I soar
I am the strength
guarding her door!

For you are blind
when I am close
you fail to see
what matters most

You see my beauty
You see my wings
You see the glory
That heaven brings

Look even closer
The feathers I bear
Spirit of warriors
land,sea,and air.

They are the soldiers
who died for YOU.
They are the brave
The courage of few

I carry their Spirit
across this land
To remind you all
who stood the wall

Each feather I bear
bought your freedom
written in blood
Do you see them?

When I am close
When I'm nearby
Bow your head
close your eyes

We are Americans
We fought for YOU
For YOU we bled
Honor YOUR dead

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Honor the fallen Honor our country