American People

We live in world full of hate and hurt.

We lost track about our self-worth.

Our God created this world for peace and choices

But what are we doing? We lost our voices.

We are bowing down to wrong kind of people.

We lost hope in ourselves, put down the needle.

There is nothing in us, but the pure sight of evil.

What are we standing for anymore? Why are we here?

We have no hope for tomorrow, it’s so unreal.

Stop fighting against, start fighting for.

That cop you just took down, just saved the girl next door?

So you hate him for what?

The color of his skin? What an excuse to obstruct.

I can’t even keep track of this world now.

We have haters of haters destroying our towns.

The places where we live, breathe, and sleep.

Come on people, it’s getting deep.

Stand up for your beliefs and what you’re against.

Don’t shut down or it will get tense.

We are the people, we are the American’s here

This is our country, it’s our turn to uprear.

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