American Phobia ( ✊🏽Blacklivesmatter 👑

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Scared of,

who they man the bread crumbs,

the families of dead sons,

and daughters no longer shinning in the red rum,

scared to see power in different hands,

demands of equality from people in poverty from different lands,

banded together to have everything that was never had,

scared of colors in your white house,

plucking off the white out,

uncovering how the guns and the drugs took the flight out,

Uncovering why all of our heroes are gone,

Maps of they homes,

target areas for drones,

scared of different races with their hands in the middle,

fiddling with ideas of bum rushing the privileged,

scared of the knowledge,

you held hostage,

out of our conscious,

For so long you've robbed us,

But now the zombies are no longer mindless,

so if you never mind us,

watch this revolution turn violent,

behind guns loaded for our respect is where you'll find us ! ,

...yea fear that ..

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It comes from the heart ..I want to see our people be treated fairly (BLACK PEOPLE)'s so stupid to hate someone over the color of their skin and i can't believe that this still a thing in 2020..animals don't do this each other and yet we claim to be superior over them..we aren't.