America’s First People

They said "There is no goodbye, only see you later"
We don't want to mirror the pain of their lives
For there is already too much pain in their lives
From the empty bottles to shattered families
To the white men they say be wary for there are years of distrust
So much it is a part that you can see it burns behind the bright eyes

We roll up to the building as they spill out
Smiles so wide they threaten to split
Hair short or braided so long they are like tails as they run

You go to talk and things seem so normal
Until "24 half siblings" and "I don't have a mother"
Mark their innocence as less than so
You play but know it is all a ruse
For these children are here because their parents are not
They are playing with you because their blood is out working,
usually for the white man

You leave each day
The reservation sits in contrast to Washington DC
The government seems to have gotten their priorities mixed up
The glitz and glamour of freedom does not touch its first residents

To say that we have mishandled these people is an understatement
We have screwed them over
Seduce them with the bottle; they will not notice the missing land
Distract with shiny trinkets- don't give actual aid
America's first people: will they also be the first to disappear

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