Amid the Wings of Angels

On the wings of angels
I glide through the starry sky,
Tranquil and free-
The Earth below me.

The wings of angels encumber me,
Soaring through the clouds...
Dipping and gliding
Prancing about
Like a dancer to the melody of a delicious harp:
Delicately intricate in each step she takes.

Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto
Echo their cries of loneliness
As Venus reaches out to fill their needs-
Whispering her message of unconditional love.

A startled awakening
By an ever-so-slight brush on my cheek...
The tip of an angel wing (I suppose)
Silently leaving me, returning to a peaceful sleep.

Goodbye my angel!
Meet me again...
Somewhere beyond the rainbow,
Not too far from who knows where or when.

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