As I wake up I am in the middle of an open field
I look around, only to find nothing
I hear the birds chirping
Sounds of crackles and crunching
I can feel the wind wisping past my face
It feels chilled
As it blows, it whispers to me
Begging I should follow
I ignore it and slowly get up
I feel weird, I don't remember anything
I slowly start to walk, but where?
Left or right?
Then I give up and fall back onto the soft grass
Almost like lying on fabric
I look up and see not a single cloud in the sky
It is bright blue with the sun staring down at me
Then in the distance
I hear a loud noise, it sounded close
Was that. a scream?
Could it be. then it hit me
I remembered
that thing is coming
I remembered what it did
Why I was running
I can hear it shouting now
It is close
I quickly get up and start to sprint
It will never catch me

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