Nights spent awake, attacking myself for what I see in you.
If love were only skin deep. Erosion.

The nicest words you ever said to me were self-included, and surrounded by beauty. Unsurprisingly, not in the way you speak poetically.
Skin like cyan waters I'm drowning in, I'd die to crawl out of. A heart that keeps on beating.
Take my breath away, these lungs will keep on breathing. I'm not to forget the way you hold as if to consume me, the way I'd mold to your surroundings. At a loss for my own capabilities.

If love's uncharted waters, consider me a lifeboat, a fiend for survival. Swimming in an ocean of generosity. Depths, divers die to get a glimpse of.
I sea oceans in you. You being rapid winds and me, I'm wavering waters churning. Amnesty.

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