Amongst the Waves

A boy stood amongst the waves,
Such it was, a rainy day,
And he dared to wonder, gazing upon a shattering sky,
What secrets within him, that he might abide.

In this orchestra of energy, a kismet in time,
The storm stripped the boy,
Of all of his crimes.
So he continued to dare, to wonder and to wander,
As creativity drew him,
Into a consciousness broader…

It's the waves that held the boy,
Through the thunder and rain,
The sea that lent him her ears, so he might attain,
An inner knowing in this current,
This dawning understanding, of loss and gain.

Life is a tide - it pulls at us all,
To be calm in the current,
To breath in the call,
It's true, The clouds have whispered,
trust in the fall…
And, above all -


Truly, every single day,
Because the stars are in us - so we choose and so we behave.
And it's in this light of thought,
In and amongst the rain,
A boy, becoming a man,
Stood amongst the waves.

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