Amoung the silent ranks

Among the silent ranks

As duty calls the soldiers obey but those among the silent ranks do not have say
Alone at night with only a picture by the bed wondering if they are safe saying a prayer or two missing them is all they can do Waiting and wondering as the day slowly pass by
Theres no time to worry since there's too much to do works never done til the day is through
They longs for the way things used to be
Long hours and nights without end is what is endured among the silent ranks we lay
Hidden in the shadows behind those who serve giving up so much more than they deserve standing true standing tall through it all holds true and dear because of the love that's shared serving a cause fighting for a purpose no sacrifice to great just trying to make the world a safer place no messages do they hear they cling to the hope with letters and prayer their soldiers come home Ranks will come and go as those whom serve but those among the silent ranks never know In silence they cry no words can describe the heavy heart they bear but carry on without fear Trusting in each other and the love they share for silent ranks are nothing without the soldiers there Among the silent ranks carries the heaviest burden of all knowing their soldiers may never return at all For No words are said no words are shared for all you hear is I'm sorry I didn't get to kiss you good night or simply say goodbye only the emptiness of the heart is all that remains A soldiers not above the rank because someone loved them more as those whom stand among the silent ranks means you gave them all they'll ever need by standing by their side through it all so tell those words that they need to hear for should you ever fall
tell those who stand among the silent ranks you loved them forever more.

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