Clarity, what I feel when I'm in your presence,
Focused and wide eyed, when I listen to you speak.
Determined to find the finish line like you always do,
Never seeming out of breath...
Just a journey on which you were meant to travel.
My neck strains to see the spiritual mountaintop
On which you are perched,
Proud and in awe of how high you soar.
It has been many years that we have circled this world,
We have held hands and skipped forward
Sometimes fighting against the wind.
Journaling our thoughts as we brush paint on a canvas that sings
Creating pictures of time standing still and
Collages of cherished memories.
I wonder when you look in the mirror, do you see what I see?
The embodiment of an earthly spirit who empowers those around her.
You create light when it is dark and space when it is crowded,
You form pockets of air in a room that needs to breathe.
In a lifetime of you and me, the best has been it all...
Dizziness from adventure, conversation, laughter and tears of hope.
A loving friend, a sister wearing a dress made of roses,
A shining sun, a steady rain and together we will grow.

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