She had a life,she had a dream
Her heart was pure,so was her soul
Alas..a piece of glass made her scream
Ceasing her breath and loosing control

Her story began from when she fell in love
On her first date she opened all her feelings and thoughts
Cause for her,this man was more than the world above
But unfortuntely she was unaware what her heart had brought

She was a girl with innocent eyes
A face which was a box of happiness and smiles
But that tragic day in her life,ruined everything
As a simple bottle of liquid left nothing

What was her FAULT:What was her CRIME
Was it that she had a life that sounded like a melodious windchime
Or was it that she trusted a man that was evil inside
And after all this "SORRY" was the word he replied

She woke up the next day
After all the fear
Looked herself in the mirror and that was last breath she took
Her mind was not ready,since this pain and life was not easy to bear

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