An Addict’s Lies

One more bottle,
One more pack,
Just one more and I won't go back.

My wife is upset,
The kids look sad,
But after one more I don't feel so bad.

Time has gone by and I've had my last one,
But after a day it just sounds like fun.
Just one more, how bad could it be?
By this time tomorrow, I'll be done, you'll see.

The years have gone by and it feels too late,
My wife has left and my kids know how to hate.
I need one more just to dull the pain.
I hurt the next day so I do it again.

I feel so alone but I know what to do,
Buy a few more bottles and a carton, or two.
This time for sure will be my last one.
After this time, I swear I'm done.

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This Poems Story

"An Addict's Lies" is inspired from a few things that I dealt with while growing up. My father has tried to quit drinking and smoking many times, and my parents got divorced when I was fourteen. Now at nineteen, I was able to use these experiences to create a character who would say he would quit but never actually try, and because of that his world falls apart. Both of my parents liked the poem, and I cant thank them enough for their love and support with my writing.