An American Folk Tale

Had a cup of tea and fell asleep
Was in my garage my sanctuary my house
Woke up strangely staring at me was a mouse
On its hind legs licking its fingers not making a peep
Must of been thirteen fourteen fifteen
Who knows cannot remember
It was the strangest scene
Because it was sitting down below on a bed of concrete
Brown grey sloping whiskers was the strangest thing
.....................from then on
Life was bleak blankety bleak bleak beep
Kind of like bip boom bang
Was it fun yes and no would I do it again
Yes if I could find her no if she was not there
Such as life followed by kind
Acts of solidarity and vengeance
What was I to do...................
I followed my dreams my heart
To many fantastic and treacherous times
Blue with amazing tickeled goosey ryhmes
Sometimes red with fire and anger from the start
Maybe just green envy in my loins and heart
Purple always made me feel loved and blessed
Then yellow peacefully sailing the high skies too
Put them all together and I always find myself back to you
Our little mouse

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