An American Horror Story

Today I wake up and I see the sun in my face. It's something much. What is to come? From the run today wait I can't escape. When it is the sharp it is to no life land to no understand. I stand against outside in the wind. It is now blowing colder than the artic slopes. That become through it for the reverse. What will stir? Inside me a mind a turn that changes as I've seen.

It was known in the hurt all times preferred in my strife wanting to divert uproar the political opposition. Probably will it in the might to bring peace in the night. This would begin at something with new light on Wall Street commercial advertising.

Economics buy the rule of everything for profit competitive markets. Has seen to lead the success of a rich man options no tax cut for the poor.

What is it? Have yet to experience it. What for? Not to detest with an American stress about finances debt rising exist. In all a fest a slumber the United States created this one mess but other countries as well. The global body is the whole part and yes.

We are all one set expressed expenses mention bills to be paid haven't. Instilling digress built by a mechanical government system collect. To turn the page a lesson learned handle the constitution not new yet; long to suggest to liberals from the left. What is it?

This is real as a back burner every hunter corporations find coming every summer. I'm disgusted with everyone, a new corrupt coming from republican conservatives wonder. Now drained out of touch to much I am independent.

The cut if ever will be different and so the lease now up on the apartment. Well tough to continue must I try? Outside the box die alongside life then ask why? As I stare at the wall while I applaud myself.

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This Poems Story

This is just an internal discussion about what I think are mishaps about America.