An ancient harmony

Love- the reason of our existence, our fuel, and source of circulation
It’s what keeps us going: shining bright like the constellations
Hearts beating as one, our bodies fall into synchronization
I can’t breathe, but baybee it’s not from suffocation
I long to feel your touch (that gentle penetration)
Inside of me, that little girl is dancing in celebration
Speechless ‘cause words can’t describe this; there’s no explanation
Absofuckinglutely authentic-without an ounce of fabrication
I know you’re feeling what I’m feeling, don’t need affirmation
To be a better me, for you, is my new proclamation
Desire to reach my full potential, baybee you’re my inspiration
A life without you is improbable, according to my calculations
I’d profess my love for you and get on my knees in front of the whole congregation
Doctor, Doctor! Please, come give me an examination
I’m lovesick, do you have a vaccination?
He’s in my head: consuming my thought process and imagination
I’m all in, and all his, unable to make a negotiation
He awakened something within-an instant activation
As powerful and potent as a bomb derived from atomization
We’re destined to be: this dates back to the dawn of creation
When two stars collided, that cosmic ejaculation
Bypassed the small talk and awkward flirtation
Why? ‘Cause we knew this is divine incarnation
Even though my soul is tainted, baybee, you’re my salvation

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