An Angel

I am wandering all alone
In this creation as hard and grey as stone.
Don’t know much about this world
Elliptical, simply beautiful or curled.

Flawless Beauty and that pearls of rain,
below lie the darkness sorrow or pain.
Everything is falling apart,
deep down I am afraid in my heart.
How am I gonna live through this all alone?
Its way too long and unknown.

Seeking for a hand I walk
But no one can spare a second to talk.
Busy in their own world they breathe,
All I can do is grit my teeth.
With shaded sides and changing colour,
holding down one to raise another.

I stopped at one solitary place,
came a lad with an amusing face.
He had marks on his shining arm,
I wonder who did this to his charm?

An orphan who lived by his own,
who was not afraid of being alone.
got those marks working in a farm,
his heart was pure, fearful, warm.

I learned the meaning of life from him,
But the golden race of life looks dim.
Surrounded by dark clouds I live,
Oh All mighty, Help me and please forgive.

He brought a light to my life,
I Saw the world with a different eye.
The darkness which I held inside,
took some time but finally died.

Something beautiful finally knocked,
The door to my happiness got unlocked.
Can’t tell How thankful I am of him,
An angel who filled my life with new hopes and vim.

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