An Angel From The Start

You're an elaborate dream transformed into reality,
The unique wish that inadvertently came true
You're a pleasant recurrence in my daydreams,
My unconscious mind portrays visions of you

To me, you are liken to the breath of life,
Yet for your love, I would truly die for
You're the perfect rose in the midst of a garden,
That rare rose, all my life, I've thrived for

In my eyes you epitomize a queen among peasants,
As they marvel at your royal beauty
As your king, I will love, honor and protect thee,
Because that is my loyal duty

You're like the sun illuminating a darkened sky,
While subsiding the cold pouring rain
You're my life, my love, my happiness,
Your mere essence can ease away my pain

You're the mate that my soul's been yearning for,
The true key to unleashing my heart
You're my Garden of Eden, a gift from God,
An angel from the very start

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This Poems Story

This is a poem for the woman that I love.