An Approachable Success


My pain which was very sane,
Has gone in vain,
It was not of use,but just a burden,
Which was very sudden.

I suffered my pain,
As if my life will never gain,
It was a stain,
That no one will ever entertain.

It was day by day testing my strength,
Which was slowing down my breath,
It felt like everything came to an end,
Like no one will ever be my friend.

Then a ray came approaching me,
For which I had to agree,
There was a scent of positivity,
And a gratifying voice said.

"You are born to be real,
Not to conceal,
Hang in there,
Otherwise you will see everything disappear.

Find your happiness inside,
And let it glow alive,
If your strengths are languished,
Let the rival be vanquished.

Allow yourself to find the address,
For the path to success,
Shine like a star,
And create your own avatar.

Overcome your defeat,
But remember,let it not bleed,
Cause you are the only one,
Who is unique,
And to live a life,
You are the only one,
To know your technique!!"

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