An Artist’s Love

It's hard to see past your eyes
They are the only eyes that I've never found beauty in
You pay me to paint them
But the colors, they just fade
I put the brush to the canvas
The paint just drips away into nothingness
A river of darkness that only seems to evaporate
It's hard to see past your mind
It turns and creates a draft of inconvenient thoughts
You pay me to write your story
But the pages, they are wet
And the words, they're illegible
The ink just drifts away into nothingness
A jungle of vines in a mind that refuses to be read
It's hard to see past your body
It's harsh edges create a boundary between reality and you
You pay me to create you as a statue
But the metal isn't hard enough
And the pieces, they just crumble
The artwork falls away into nothingness
A body that's hard to look at and a statue that can only fall apart

It's hard to see into your heart
The image of reality, it pumps blood into your veins
You pay me to love you
But I see nothing there to love...

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