An Empty Bedroom

By Da Poet   

An Empty Bedroom

I sit within the confines of our enormous lonely bedroom, a place
filled with peace, love, and serenity, especially because of you.
But, when you take leave it becomes a different place, empty from
the lack of my boo.

We planned and designed this unique room it was built to enhance
romance, a table, two chairs for dinning in, and a floor where we
can dance.

Date night is a wonderful thing, and I’m glad that we agree, just like
a night out on the town, but at home relaxed, and ($) it's free.

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night unless I’m really fatigued,
I toss, and turn in our King size bed, I guess I should smoke some
weed? No, I’m kidding that’s not me.

Perhaps, I’ll bath in our walk-in shower or place rose pedals in our
jacuzzi, but there no pleasure without you, but the last time was a

So while you’re away enjoy yourself with friends, and family, but
just a reminder to you my dear, your husband waiting faithfully.
Ecstatic to have you in my life it’s barely been one year, just
missing the love of my wife, I need to make that clear.

Love is calling, come home.


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