An Empty Hole

In the area where there should be a joyful soul,
Is an empty hole,
Why am I keeping it as black as burnt coal?,

I'm always absently-minded minding my own business,
Mindlessly mining through my maze that's my mind,
I'm missing something in my life,
Whole family can only fill this hole,
Why am I keeping it as black as coal?,

See my problem is my motivation,
It's in degeneration,
From all this decomposition,
Caused by my mind numbing depression,
Me failing and falling is always in succession,
I keep falling in this hole that's black as coal,

Looking and longing for something,
Never realized in front of me it was standing,
Separating myself from everyone,
Thinking it's keeping all glued together with me,
I keep digging my own hole,
Digging deeper,
A bottomless pit colored black as coal

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