An Empty Shell

You passed by my window on your way to the beach.
In search of shells, I thought.
Shells like yourself.
Empty, void of life, tossed aside.
Yet still so beautiful.

I waited a while, for like the sea,
you were prone to storms.
But when the sun exploded
with a sailor's promise,
I followed you,expecting to find serenity
beneath that fiery sky.

I crouched by your footprints,
mortal impressions upon the sand,
stroking them with trembling fingers,
wondering why.
Why did they end at the water's edge?

I stood and cast a silent question out across the waves.
Where are you? Where?
Your reply rolled ashore
and splashed around my feet.
Here. Here at last.

I looked down and saw
only flat, smooth sand.
And an empty shell.

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