An Empty Space Among the Trees

Darkness falls upon the leaves,
a hollow echo in the breeze,
that distant rumble of machines
with an empty space among trees.

Silhouettes in the moonlight, gather round,
to examine their new-found barren ground
but quickly, swiftly without a sound,
for fear of return of those savage frowns.

For they watch them all day with fear and confusion,
from the top of the trees; still, with the illusion
of life and love and everything pure,
their hearts untouched by the devilish lure,
of greed and ignorance in all that is humanity.

Won’t stop for a minute to realize the insanity
of their metal monsters destroying a home,
baby silhouettes roaming alone through the bark of branches
and all that they’ve broken, oblivious of the terrifying notion
that perhaps they’ll be back for another days carnage,
destroying some more for their own advantage.

All they hope now is that one day we’ll see,
that their illusion of life is how it should be.

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