An Endless Fight

It’s scary, this feeling.
Like I can’t take a deep enough breath.

This pressure, I’m feeling,
Like someone set the whole world on my chest.

I feel so, so helpless.
Like I’m all alone and no one can hear me scream.

Tell me why! Why does this happen to me?
Tell me how! How am I supposed to set me free?

It all feels like a cage to me.
That gets smaller and smaller, every time I breath.

Every time I think I can get through this.
My heart starts to pound saying "You can't do this!"

And I cry!
Oh god I feel like I’m gonna die!

I can’t breath! I can’t get up!
My body's shaking and screaming give up!

But I can’t. I can't let this feeling win.
I gotta fight, This Anxiety again…

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