An Enemy Message

An Enemy Message
By Amy Falzon Farrugia

Corona is my name
And I’m drowning in fame
Taking over the world like it’s a board game
Those poor Chinese keep taking the blame
I’m incognito like my man Bruce Wayne
You’re lying to yourself if you think you can win
Don’t forget lying is a mortal sin
There might be one of me but I can
multiply, intensify, ramify, complexify

19th to remind
That humans are starting to go blind
You might know my brother SARS from 2003
Many think we’re the same but I strongly disagree
My numbers are growing at a steady pace
And I’m not feeling sorry for the human race

Open your eyes foul creatures
And see what you’ve created
A world that is severely contaminated
With or without me you would still be infected
The world you live in is seriously neglected
You take your world for granted and now you’re paying the price
Let me give you humans a few words of advice:
If you want me gone you’ll have to do your part

And no I’m not saying,
”Fill a shopping cart”
Forget it. You might not even find a way
But the question remains
Who will seize the day?

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