An Epiphany

If the interior motivation
of your outward concentration
is as limited as your demonstration
of weak determination
than the lateral migration
of your social, personal, and professional situation
will be of no consideration
for the advancement and contentment of the human civilization

on the other hand
if said determination
is amplified by your inner motivation
than the escalation
of your professional migration
and extensive education
may result in an abbreviation
placed in front of your name as an indication
of the hard work and dedication
that you sought and won

and your personal calibration
will be such that your social formation
is a happy representation
of a winning collaboration
for maintaining celebration

you cannot blame others for the inadequate preparation
that your lack of motivation induces
try instead a visitation
to an inner conversation
to motivate one's self to aspire not for damnation
but for positive reiteration
in a reality made brighter by an overflowing imagination

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