An Eternal Lie

All you know are apologies
Do you even feel the shame?
The same guilt that fuels me
To give up this silly game

Contort and twist the truth told
To defend your sense of pride
Burrow the truth in events untold
No honesty inside

You're your own class of Joker
You Power fueled by fear
Suffocating like a chain choker
Are your lie sparked tears

A darkness that so well consumes
What light I thought you had within
These lies swell unto
You, now manifested sin

Getting away with a murder so foul
The innocent soul you crushed
You're a disgusting, sick fowl
Exposed with the fresh flesh you touched

So when will you tell the truth?
Admit to the crime you committed
How I've longed to see you rot in the barred booth
But rather you were acquitted

I guess I'll take your apologies
As fake as they may be
You can live with the eternal guilt
Of the day that you deflowered me

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