An Evening’s Tea Time Stress

Torn asunder, and whisked away
To see tomorrow, we must say goodbye to today
Lost and confused like the path of lightning and it's rays
Will the fear we succumb to leave us with anything else left to say

The lost and perilous assumptions of the mind
ALways bitter, with only wrath left to find
Cowering towards the infamy I amass, within the breaches of time
Is what I hold in my hand truely mine?

No difference does it make to this man we have created
How long he's been held into submission away from love and waited
The straws of his memories left without color, torn and faded
If it is the overseer's eyes that leads him, How could his conscience be premeditated?

As the fire clears the swamp from all darkness and it's shadows
The blistered man found bound to his own loathe
When he was already blind could he be freed so,
When his heart was purified would that let him go?

Without a thought in our mind we find our paths meeting
Like the ryhthym of the heart searching for love and always beating
Our hands touch and eyes meet so that we both are reaching,
For the funeral of our love and it's empty, tasteless seating?

Why are the clouds lost in the Sky
And why do you always say goodbye
Never a hello, always here for business, we are left to cry
If I was hurt, would you ever ask why?

Is the only way to rid us of cruel temptation
To bound ourselves to a pencil's redemption?
If I could express myself with love for you, will you hold my sensation?
And take me away with you to a paradise
Where everyday happiness is in a surprise

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