An Examination of Quarantine


“Q” is such a rare letter
No one expected it
And now, at the forefront, it cannot be dismissed
Forcing the world to accept it
And yet, that “Q” cannot exist without the “u”
No choice but to sounds as it’s told
No choice but to do as it’s told
And then the “ar”
Trapped inside the word itself
Sounding more like “oar” next to that coercive “u”
An unavoidable change of nature
Shaped from forced confinement with another
And the “an”
Two more hills before the mountain
A prelude to the peak
That “t”
The peak, but not the end
A daunting mountain with more to follow
So for good measure, there’s the “ine”
Seemingly a quick end, all in one sound.
But that silent “e” is deceiving
Those three letters drag it out to its finale
An exhaustingly long phase... I mean, word

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