An Existence

I want to create
I want to construct something for you
To compose a world. An existence.
A life that knows no happiness because pain is a myth to compare.
A reality where birds have the same shade as grass,
Where skin is just the largest organ in the body and has no other relevance.
I want to build an unrealistic reality,
An imaginary world where girl and boy are titles used after asking instead of telling

Where fear are tales told by elders to hush kids into sleep and peace is as easy as breathing.
That world isn't physical but it exists.
It lives in the words I write. It breathes
It is scary and anxious because those feelings in this 'world' don't occur.
And they won't because I am building a world without fault or error unlike the world you live in.
In your new world black conscience is the reality of traditions and cultures,
One a white men hasn't rid us from and slavery are words that vanish after calm dreams about flowers and water streams
There is death in this new world but it isn't sad
Death in this world is happiness
Its joy and excitement
Because in this pure world it means life
It means something new is going to exist and that new thing will have resemblance of the destroyed
The dead.

I want to show you something
Its coming and it's for you
I wrote you something
It's something I built,
Its in these letters I composed into words.
It's a world
An existence

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