An Extreme Dream

There's a maximum security prison,
off in the middle of no where.
A man awaits his last meal,
looking off into the distance with a stare.
wondering why he did what he did,
instead of just walking away.
the thoughts of her being with another,
those feelings he couldn't let stay.
thinking about how sorry he was,
for what was about to take place.
wishing he could go away from it all,
leave and be gone without a trace.
thoughts of the children came to mind,
for what would they do now.
losing their mother in such a terrible way,
he hoped they'd forgive him some how.
wishing he could take it all back,
waking and realizing oh how extreme.
rolling over to see her laying there,
thanking god it was only a dream.

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This Poems Story

no matter how hard times are and how crazy things get, there is an up side to it all, I thank god he was there to lend me a helping hand along the way