An Ignorant Possession

Chaos swims through the worlds veins like a shark hunting its pray;
It leaves its path of destruction,
by devouring the very essence of spirituality.
Towering, twisting, taunting, it takes its industrial hand
and suffocates the very one that gave it life.
Alongside this monster, a parasite grows;
it inhales beauty and spits out cruelty.
Together, they are one-
Together, they dine, feeding on everything good,
everything pure.
Together, they will kill us all!
Yet, out of the depths of the darkness,
a heroine bestows her divine gift to the world.
Illuminating lured illusions created by her enemy,
she puts things into perspective.
She is well-armed for the massacre.
She is well-aware of the blood shed before her.
Her twin, compelled by the parasite, still lingers in the darkness
Haunted by shadows of daemons-
haunted by the same chaos that once possessed her.
If only she could save her beloved one,
If only they could stand together as one,
Together, they could bathe in each others ambiance-
Together, they could save us all!

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