An “In the Heart” Contract

The couple about to commit matrimony may experience the words,
"In success and in health".
They probably won't give any consideration
to why the writer of that phrase put the word
"Sickness", first.
the reason might be due
to a responsibility that comes with
the perpetuity of a love
That is being contracted to last an indefinite number of years.
A partner's illness can become a great test of spiritual strength.
to care for a loved one who is not well,
to serve their needs without question,
to accept the duty of doing, "Whatever it takes",
Creates a divine and loving liability.
No more durable love exists
Than the compassion to feel another's suffering
and have the desire to do a bit beyond what is necessary.
It is the essence of empathy.
the thinking of another's feelings
as if they were yours,
Is a step above any good deed.
There is no greater act in life
Than doing to another as you would be done by.

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