An Innocent, Sparkling Girl

The girl who smiles the most
Who laughs the loudest
Whose eyes shine bright
Has the most to hide for she knows the secrets of love
They might say, "Love is gentle, love is kind,"
But they always forget how love is like fire
It tore down her confidence, built so carefully
It destroyed her trust, already so fragile
It sapped her strength, down to the core
It broke her spirit and her soul was left in the wreckage
All of this, before it was extinguished
Love is work, love is pain
Love may forgive, but she will never forget that first love
Love stole more than her high spirit
It took her everything.
That innocent, sparkling girl is no more
It stole the smile from her face
It took the laugh from her throat
And the light in her eyes
Was reduced to mere embers
She was young, foolish
She forgot who she was
But soon she remembered
The way it felt to smile senselessly
To laugh with abandon
Maybe she'll remember to love herself, too

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